2016 Muswellbrook Local Art Awards Results

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Adjudicator: Pam Brown, Exhibitions and Collections Officer at Tamworth Regional Gallery

The Muswellbrook Local Art Awards 2016 attracted 169 entries. Artists and their friends and families from Muswellbrook, Singleton and the Upper Hunter, were present at 6.00pm Saturday 5 November 2016 to hear the decisions of adjudicator Pam Brown, Exhibitions and Collections Officer at Tamworth Regional Gallery. The winners for each of the six categories were as follows.

Viola Bromley Painting Prize

First Prize
#43 Roberta Wiseman, Gundamulda (Rocky Outcrop)
Second Prize
#27 Mitchell O’Mahoney, Double Dennis
Hunter Valley Printing Encouragement Prize
#12 Charlotte Drake-Brockman, Toy Statement

Garry Philp Works on Paper Prize

First Prize
#64 Naomi Norris, Jazzy
Second Prize
#47 Teresa Byrne, Rooster
Elks Enterprises Encouragement Prize
#68 Denee Pashen, Grandma’s Favourite

Local 3D Prize

First Prize
#87 Lyneece Garland, Leather Carved Handbag
Second Prize
#91 William Maguire, Contrary Man
Max Watters Encouragement Prize
#97 Jonanne Van Hees, Crystal Angel

Local Photography Prize

First Prize
#120 Naomi Norris, The 3 R’s
Second Prize
#111 Jessica Dugan, Childs Play
Hunter Valley Hydraulink Encouragement Prize
#118 John Hodges, Barkscape #2

Local Aboriginal Art Prize

First Prize
#135 Ella Death, Jarjum
Second Prize
#139 Michael Stair, Wayambas-Turtle
Berry & French Pharmacy Encouragement Prize
#140 Jack Whitby, Legacy

Esther Bellis Youth Prize

First Prize
#158 Luke Morris, Engulfed
Second Prize
#144 Nicole Blackwell, Fish
Framing Good Encouragement Prize
#159 William Partridge, Monkey Around

Thank you to the sponsors of Muswellbrook Local Art Awards 2016, and congratulations and thank you to all who entered.