Act-Belong-Commit Photo Voice Muswellbrook

27 October - 12 January 2019

Opening Night 26 October 2019 


2019 Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Muswellbrook 


Act-Belong-Commit PhotoVoice Muswellbrook is a free non-profit event.There are no entry fees, and no remuneration for entries.

Entry is open to residents from Muswellbrook, Upper Hunter and Singleton shires and for all ages in the categories of:

a. 12 years of age and under

b. 13 - 17 years of age

c. 18 - 59 years of age

d. 60 years of age and over


Key competition dates:

a. PhotoVoice Muswellbrook entry opens on 9am Monday 19 August 2019

b. PhotoVoice Muswellbrook entry closes 4pm Friday 11 October 2019

c. Panel of judges convenes week starting Monday 14 October 2019

d. Participants will be notified by Friday 16th October if their entry will be on display at The Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre e. PhotoVoice Muswellbrook exhibition from Saturday 26 October until 12 January 2020