8x10: Photographic Works by Muswellbrook High School

Caitlin Ryan, Cat 2017

Opening 6pm Friday, 1 September 2017
Exhibition 2 September to 22 October 2017

The magic of traditional photographic processes harks back to another time before digital photography and all that goes with it. The students of Muswellbrook High School Stage 5 experienced taking photographs using film, developing film and printing images using chemicals in the darkroom. They produced “beautiful mistakes” and had deep learning experiences. Students enjoyed the process and gained autonomy in their learning – this in the goal.

Artwork credit: Caitlin Ryan, Cat 2017

Urban Outlook

Artwork: Ron Lambert, Born in the USA 1988, oil on canvas, 60.5 x 111cm, Max Watters Collection.

Max Watters Collection

Opening 6pm Friday 1 September 2017

2 September to 22 December 2017

What characterises the urban environment? What does it look like, sound like, feel like? The gritty, hard edged industrial infrastructure; the systematic line-up of domestic dwellings; the interwoven network of roads and rails; the bustle of activity at its centre - it organises us, shapes us.

Drawn from the Max Watters Collection the exhibition speaks of our experience with the urban.

Included are paintings that depict the colourful domestic built environment - works by brothers Chris and Peter O’Doherty, so greatly influenced by their childhood experience of frequently moving house, alongside the interlocking dwellings of George Barker’s Glass House. Likewise with a stacked and layered composition, Born in the USA by Ron Lambert is evocative of urban sprawl – a densely packed patchwork landscape that looks as if to smother the ground on which in stands.

In Frank Littler’s Marrickville Town Hall, a dark and sinister centre of urban control is portrayed in a pair of works where menacing red cars boast their power while a shadowy figure in Mayoral robes lurks in the gloom.

Sculptural works illustrate the diversity of forms found in the urban environment. Works by Tony Coleing are representative of the forms found in public spaces, while in direct contrast Paul Counsel’s Tower Forms are reminiscent of those forms seen in the industrial landscape.

The works included in the exhibition are strong and confident, echoing the environment from which they were derived.  Immerse yourself in the urban, be afforded an Urban Outlook.

Artwork: Ron Lambert, Born in the USA 1988, oil on canvas, 60.5 x 111cm, Max Watters Collection.

Muswellbrook Local Art Awards 2017

Roberta Wiseman "Gundamulda" Viola Bromley Painting Prize First Prize cat no 43

29 October - 22 December 2017

Opening Night 6pm Saturday 28 October 2017

Exhibition of finalists for the 2017 Muswellbrook Local Art Awards, an annual competition which offers local artists from Muswellbrook, Singleton, and Upper Hunter Shires the opportunity to show off the cream of their work from the past twelve months.

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Red Cross Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Red Cross Christmas Trees and Wreaths 2013.

28 November - 15 December 2017

Presentation of Prizes 6.00pm Friday 15 December 2017

The ever popular biennial community Christmas event, the Muswellbrook Red Cross Christmas Trees and Wreaths are on display again in 2017 at the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre. Visitors to the display will be able to immerse themselves in the festive spirit with splendid, inspired, unique and creative Christmas Trees and Wreaths dotted throughout the Arts Centre.

Visitors to the Muswellbrook Red Cross Christmas Trees and Wreaths are invited to cast their vote in deciding the winning display along with supporting the Red Cross’s fund raising efforts. Voting is $2 per adult and $1 for children and concession holders and is open to the public for the duration of the display.

Voting is open to the public for the duration of the display. While the Sponsor’s Prize is selected by a Bengalla Mining Company representative, all other prizes are decided by people’s choice.

On display from 28 November - 15 December 2017. Official Closing and Presentation of Prizes 6.00pm Friday 15 December 2017 with refreshments courtesy of the Muswellbrook Red Cross.


Picture: Red Cross Christmas Trees and Wreaths 2013.

Stencil Art Prize 2017

Justinas Zozo (Lithuania), King Fisher (detail), aerosol on canvas.

06 January - 04 March 2018

Opening Night 6pm Friday 5 January 2018

Showcasing 67 stencil artists from 25 countries, the Stencil Art Prize is the world’s largest stencil event. Influenced by the ephemeral nature of street art, these stencil-based works blend pop-culture imagery and global politics to highlight the growing concerns of a socially engaged generation of artists.

This exhibition is a unique collection of works from Australia, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Syria, Thailand, United Kingdom and USA.

Highlights of the exhibition include the Austrian duo Jana & JS with their intimate style of portraiture; David Soukup (USA) and his internationally acclaimed Chicago fire escapes; Iranian artist Afshid with his portrayal of refugees, migration and heritage; Mue Bon’s (Thailand) playful take on capitalism and Australia’s own Kirpy who has layered dozens of street posters as a base upon which to create a streetscape.

The stencil artists in this exhibition encompass nearly every stencil making method on the planet including hand drawn and hand cut stencils, computer generated stencil layers, silk screen stencils and screen printing processes, collage and mixed media stencils, spray paint techniques, water colour, ink and more.

Artworks and print editions of the stencils are for sale at www.stencilartprize.com

Stencil Art Prize logo

Our Community – Goodstart Muswellbrook

Artwork credit: Ebonnie-Rose 2017

02 September - 22 October 2017

Opening 6:00pm Friday, 01 September 2017

Goodstart Muswellbrook prides itself on being represented in Muswellbrook as well as throughout the wider Upper Hunter community. With this in mind, educators at Goodstart Muswellbrook asked the children what the community looks like through their own eyes, drawing inspiration from a local excursion along with photos and stories.

From these experiences, the children developed independent ideas about ‘Our Community’ and, using a variety of mediums that inluded crayons, chalk, pencil and paint, created some wonderfully inspirational images. Children range in age from 0-6 years and the resulting colourful artworks showcase just some of the diversity across the Muswellbrook community. Join Goodstart Muswellbrook and the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre in a celebration of ‘Our Community’!

Artwork credit: Ebonnie-Rose 2017

Michèle Heibel – For the love of the Hunter

Under the Mistletoe, etching needle on clayboard
Under the Mistletoe, etching needle on clayboard

Opening night 6pm Friday 1 September 2017

02 September – 22 October 2017

In this collection of delicately etched works, Michèle Heibel explores her relationship with the Hunter Valley - the place she credits with reigniting her desire to draw after almost two decades of working and living in Sydney's busy CBD. We see the things that made her fall in love with the Hunter - the calm, steady presence of trees, the undemanding (yet ever-present) companionship of wildlife, the endless layers of light. And we touch on the more complex emotions that are released the moment a person commits to a place ... feelings such as the fear of loss, the urge to protect and the hope for a sound future.

Image: Under the Mistletoe, etching needle on clayboard

Dorothy Wishney - Art of Contemplation

Dorothy Wishney, 'Balancing Act, Queenstown, Tasmania', oil on canvas.

Opening night 6pm Friday 1 September 2017

02 September – 22 October 2017

This exhibition brings together landscapes separated by 12,000 miles. Dorothy Wishney's early years in Scotland and study at The Glasgow School of Art gave her an affinity with the landforms of her homeland.

Australia, now her home for many years, introduced a different landscape, initially strange and overwhelming in its vastness.

Only on contemplation were similarities unveiled.

Essentially in both instances there was a feeling of permanency and ancient connections. Closer consideration of these locations found a common thread of landscapes of splendid isolation, landscapes reshaped by human activity and landscapes of regeneration.

This exhibition is a journey of visual discovery searching for the essence of place and engaging with the land.

Image: Dorothy Wishney, 'Balancing Act, Queenstown, Tasmania', oil on canvas