Please prepare your Garden Organics Waste as follows:

Garden waste in  Zone 1 Muswellbrook South, Zone 2 Muswellbrook North and Zone 3 Denman and Sandy Hollow will be collected from residential kerbsides at the same time as your Bulky Waste Collection

Your waste will be converted to pasteurised mulch, saving landfill space and ensuring this valuable resource is recycled.

Garden Organics are now collected with your Bulky Waste Collection

for the next date pickups

Getting your garden waste ready for collection

Place your garden waste neatly next to the edge of the kerb ensuring the footpath is not blocked. Ensure items are secure to avoid windblown littering. Do not place your waste in plastic bags.

Your green waste bundle must not exceed a standard (6x4) level box trailer load.

how to bundle green waste


  • Clean prunings
  • Leaves
  • Lawn clippings
  • untreated timber
  • Garden prunings and tree limbs no longer than 1.8 metres and 250mm diameter.
  • Lawn clippings and loose vegetation which must be in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • All green waste must be tied securely with rope or string into bundles and must be of manageable size for one person to lift (max 30kg approx.)

NOT Acceptable

  • Items in plastic bags (including woven poly bags)
  • Loose items
  • Tree stumps larger than 250mm diameter
  • Timber with bolts, brackets, etc
  • Bundles secured with wire
  • Any other items other than Green Waste
  • Treated timber

unacceptable green waste

Council and the Contractor have the right to reject any material that they consider unacceptable.

Call 6549 3840 for more information.

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