Under normal conditions Council achieves 100% reuse of all effluent discharged from both of Council’s two sewage treatment plants, which means that there is no discharge to rivers or streams from these plants.

Treated and disinfected reuse water is pumped from the treatment plant on Skellatar Stock Route to customers via two reuse pumping mains, one along Thomas Mitchell Drive and the other along Skellatar Stock Route and Rutherford Road.  This reuse water is sold on the open market via a tender process.  Current contracts include the local mining industry, golf clubs and agriculture, where its uses include irrigation coal preparation and dust suppression.

Council has developed a comprehensive effluent reuse strategy which has guided the selection of the best value choices in assessment of tenders for the effluent. This strategy can be viewed at Effluent reuse strategy.

The current effluent reuse contract with Mt Arthur Coal is for 10 years commencing 1st July 2009.

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