Macquarie Generation cooling towers

Macquarie Generation is a State Owned Corporation established in 1996. Their core business is the production and wholesale of electricity to the National Electricity Market.

Macquarie Generation owns and operates Liddell Power Station and Bayswater Power Station between Singleton and Muswellbrook.

Each year they produce approximately 15% of the electricity needed by people in Eastern Australia from South Australia to Northern Queensland. This is the equivalent of 40% of the electricity needed by the people of New South Wales, making Macquarie Generation Australia's largest electricity generator.

Macquarie Generation is also the largest domestic buyer of Hunter Valley coal and employs just over 600 people, most of who live in the Upper Hunter.

The Corporation is undertaking a range of developments aimed at meeting the increasing need for power, environmental improvements and the exploration of renewable energy options.

For more Information you can access the Macquarie Generation website.

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