Seasons of Drought and Rain: Early Links Upper Hunter Exhibition

Seasons of Drought and Rain: Early Links Upper Hunter

The children and families from Early Links in the Upper Hunter have spent the last few months creating an exhibition about the drought they have experienced in their area. Seasons of Drought and Rain has allowed children to explore the colours associated with each period, and use them to tell the stories of how the environment might respond to being very dry or very wet. Later, the children also opted to explore how the drought may have impacted the fires in Australia.

Further to their drawings and paintings, the children were encouraged to explore the emotions that may have been associated with the drought and rains. Using music as a guide, children explored different emotions that they linked to weather patterns. They moved and danced with anger during a thunderstorm, they became tired and slow in the drought and they skipped happily when there were light rains. This activity was generally how the children decided whether they would create a visual art work about either drought, rain or fire.

The exhibition has been generated through individual therapy sessions, as well as during school holiday programs. The children have explored their emotions through art and drama and have developed communication skills through creating the art works with their peers or families, as well as telling the story of their art work at the end of each session. The group projects have been great for encouraging friendships between the participants!

The works have used a variety of media including oil pastel and paint.

An additional grant to purchase an art kit for the exhibition was funded by Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network.