Winter School Holiday Paper Sculptures

Lyneece Garland

Free workshop @ MRAC

8 10.30am Friday 20 July 2018

Explore models in three dimensions - be inspired by the work of exhibiting artist
Paul Selwood and make your own intuitive decisions around surface, form and
space in creating a small sculpture. For ages 5-14.

Bookings are essential. To register call or email MRAC.



Winter Leaf Prints with Maude Butta

Lyneece Garland

Free workshop @ MRAC

8 10.30am Saturday 18 August 2018

Learn how to make simple leaf prints that can be used for collaging, card making
or for display in a delightful botanical artwork series - with exhibiting artist Maude
Butta. Suitable for all ages!

Bookings are essential. For a full list of materials and to register call or email MRAC.






45th Muswellbrook Art Prize – Adjudicator and Finalists Announced

Art Prize Finalists 2018

45MAP Finalists Announced Web

Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre is pleased to announce the finalists of the 45th Muswellbrook Art Prize along with this year’s adjudicator - Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Gallery Director, Gold Coast City Gallery. Finalists of the 45th Muswellbrook Art Prize will compete for a total prize pool of $71,000, with 26 works selected for the $50,000 Painting Prize, 19 works for the $10,000 Works on Paper Prize and 12 works for the $10,000 Ceramics Prize. Winners of the Art Prize will be announced at the opening night at 6pm Saturday 10th March 2018 by adjudicator Tracy Cooper-Lavery. A $1,000 People’s Choice Prize can also be voted for during the course of the exhibition. Congratulations to all 57 finalists!

Painting Finalists
Morgan Allender - By the Pond (for Claude)
Nicholas Aplin - Pink Chairs by the Irrawaddy
Alec Baker - Ngura (Country)
Min-Woo Bang - Colossal
Geoffrey Breen - River Mangroves
Daniel Butterworth - Self Sorry
Rodney Cones-Browne - Landscape Meditation 107
Madeleine Cruise - The Heart of the Matter
Dagmar Cyrulla - Into The Light
Shane Dennis - Mountain Bathers, Rouchel
Philip Drummond - As the evening meets the sky
Nicolette Eisdell - The Board Room
Jon Ellis - Turbulence
Rocco Fazzari - Botanical Gardens Sydney CBD
Becky Gibson - Timber
Linda Greedy - Gap Creek Track, Watagan National Park
Tannya Harricks - Rizzo & Frenchy
Carissa Karamarko - Just On The Table There, Thanks.
Onela Keal - Rusty Tank
Ben Kenning - Gestural and semi-abstract composition #4
Yurpiya Lionel - Anumara
Paul Maher - Anzac Walk 4
Michael Muir - Hidden in the Summer
Vanessa Newell - The Melodrama of Dressing
Mark Thompson - References: Olga, Brolgah, Gavan and Dot the Kangaroo
Sokquon Tran - Holly's Clouds

Works on Paper Finalists
Margaret Ambridge - What remains
Muamer Cajic - How Far Are You
Kristone Capistrano - Self-Portrait
Liz Faul - Red Planet
Rocco Fazzari - Late Afternoon Dip-Bondi
Garry Foye - Capertee Construction #11
Jackie Gorring - Toaster of Vindication
Jody Graham - Old Farmhouse
Amber-rose Hulme - Masked Integrity
Paula Jenkins - Nostalgia, Seal Rocks
Lisa Kirkpatrick - Sleepyhead
Waratah Lahy - Night Clouds
Marie Lunney - Rocky Hill - Stewartsbrook
Kiata Mason - The Studio Chair
Felicity O'Connor - Ochre Place
Lisa Sewards - Parajellys, Artist Book, 2018
Maggie Stein - Going Places, Central Station, Sydney
Christopher Zoneff - Contumacity (Wisteria Bloom)
Vera Zulumovski - Double Breasted

Ceramic Finalists
Paul Adams - Tall Jun Vase
Annette Bukovinsky - Nestle
Roslyn Elkin - Camouflage
Carol Forster - Bowl of Shells
Klaus Gutowski - The Weight of Time
Marianne Huhn - Seeking Asylum
Wendy Jagger - Snowy Mountains
Amy Kennedy - Adrift
Helen Martin - Melt
Mee-Sun Kim Park - Being: Form is Emptiness
Megan Puls - NightShade
Natalie Rosin - Vitreous High Density

Max Watters Art Groups

 Max Watters Art Groups




8 3.30pm - 5.30pm @ PCYC, Cnr of Carl & Market St, Muswellbrook

               8 Children only, bookings essential, phone 02 6541 1434


8 2pm - 5.30pm @ The Pothouse, Lions Park, Lower Brook St, Muswellbrook


For enquires please contact Max 02 6543 2875.


ART upCLOSE @ MRAC Issue #3 2018

ART upCLOSE @ MRAC Issue #1 2017
ARTupCLOSE3 2018 Cover
Cover: Tjala Tjukurpa 2017, Yaritiji Young, acylic on linen.

Upcoming exhibitions, workshops, and news on arts across the Upper Hunter.

ART upCLOSE @ MRAC Issue #3 2018

Muswellbrook Local Art Awards 2017 - Results

Rebecca Rath - Spring Field, Oakvale Wines, 2017

Painting Category First Prize Rebecca Rath's 'Spring Field, Oakvale Wines'The Muswellbrook Local Art Awards 2017 attracted 133 entries. Artists and their friends and families from Muswellbrook, Singleton and the Upper Hunter, were present at 6.00pm Saturday 28 October 2017 to hear the decisions of adjudicator Debbie Abraham, Gallery Director at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery. The winners for each of the six categories were as follows.

Viola Bromley Painting Prize

First Prize

#35 Rebecca Rath,

Spring Field, Oakvale Wines, 2017

Second Prize

#3 Bethany Bray,

China Orders Australia’s Loss

Hunter Valley Printing Encouragement Prize

#33 Naomi Norris,

The Circus

Garry Philp Works on Paper Prize

First Prize

#58 Marie Lunney,


Second Prize

#49 Olivia Bray,

Pernicious - inevitability of man

Elks Enterprises Encouragement Prize

#57 Aileen Le Breton,


Local 3D Prize

First Prize

#68 Paul Adams,

Lidded Jar

Second Prize

#74 Will Maguire,

Busy Gardener

Max Watters Encouragement Prize

#81 Joanne Van Hees,

Balancing Act

Local Photography Prize

First Prize

#110 Roger Skinner,


Second Prize

#91 Jessica Dugan,

Reflecting on the Past

Hunter Valley Hydraulink Encouragement Prize

#108 Michael Rayner,

Untitled - Last Road

Local Aboriginal Art Prize

First Prize

#119 Michael Stair,

Spirits Awakened

Second Prize

#117 Fiona Murray,


Berry & French Pharmacy Encouragement Prize

#116 Chloe Moxey,

Salt Water

Esther Bellis Youth Prize

First Prize

#126 Erin Hannan,


Second Prize

#123 Lara Collins,

All the Light She Cannot See

Framing Good Encouragement Prize

#133 Jessica Vanderdonk

Surfs Up

Thank you to the sponsors of Muswellbrook Local Art Awards 2017, and congratulations and thank you to all who entered.

ART upCLOSE @ MRAC Issue #1 2017

ART upCLOSE @ MRAC Issue #1 2017
Cover: Dorothy Wishney, Leaden Sky, Isle of Skye (detail), charcoal and oil stick, 110 x 56cm.
Cover: Dorothy Wishney, Leaden Sky, Isle of Skye (detail), charcoal and oil stick, 110 x 56cm.

The first edition of Art UpClose. Upcoming exhibitions, workshops, and news on arts across the Upper Hunter.

ART upCLOSE @ MRAC Issue #1 2017

8x10: Photographic Works by Muswellbrook High School catalogue

Catalogue Cover

Exhibition period 2 September to 22 October 2017. All items for sale.

8x10: Photographic Works by Muswellbrook High School catalogue

The magic of traditional photographic processes harks back to another time, before digital photography and all that goes with it.

The students of Muswellbrook High School Stage 5 Photographic and Digital Media experienced taking photographs using film, developing film and printing images using chemicals in the darkroom. They produced works of great skill
and “beautiful mistakes” and experienced deep learning through the process.

Students enjoyed the "old fashioned" traditional photographic methods and gained a sense of autonomy in their learning.


Sunday Sketchers Club at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre.

Young Muswellbrook artist perfecting her technique at drawing hands

Join the Sunday Sketchers one Sunday a month and develop your drawing skills under the guidance of the Arts Centre’s Jade Goodwin.
10.00-1.00pm Sundays monthly.

Ideal for 8-18 year olds.

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