Fitness Centre Rules


To make the fitness centre fun and safe for all users, all members and visitors must agree to abide by the following rules. These rules are clearly displayed at the entrance and throughout the centre.

Bring a towel and wipe down equipment when finished
Wear appropriate fitness gear, including footwear
Change out of your wet swimwear
Return weights or any other equipment after use
Follow instructions by staff
Be nice to members and staff
No unauthorised personal training
No cameras/phones in changerooms
No foul or offensive language
No intoxicating substances on premises
No intoxicated behaviour
No smoking
No glass objects
No animals

Children in the gym

Children under 12 years - no admittance at any time.
12-13 years olds - may enter only after an induction.
12-13 years olds - must have adult supervision at all times.
12-13 years olds - strictly no weights.
12-13 years olds - may participate in group fitness classes for children.
14-16 years olds - may enter only after an induction.

Thank you for making this centre fun and safe for everyone!