Ebb & Flow: contemporary textiles and fibre arts – Untethered Fibre Artists

Jenepher Walker, Pod 1

13 May 2017 - 02 July 2017

Opening: 12 May 2017

The essence, the core, of group exhibiting is human interaction, imparting a message and sharing a passion.

ebb and flow, the latest exhibition by the untethered fibre artists, explores social and environmental issues under this theme through such mediums as hand and machine stitch, felt, print, dye, weave and wirework.  It’s an inspiring array of hangings, wearable and sculptural pieces.

In addition to the visually engaging array of exhibits, a supporting slideshow of techniques and processes will run throughout the exhibition. We’d like to invite Guilds, Teachers and students to visit our exhibition, ebb and flow, as it demonstrates the diversity of work in this field and presents it in a way both inspiring and educational.

The untethered fibre artists was formed in 2014 from members of ATASDA (Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association) seeking to challenge the perceived boundaries of textile and fibre art through the exhibition of contemporary and innovative work.

ATASDA is a national non-profit and voluntary organization promoting and fostering textile and fibre arts; and interaction and co-operation between textile artists.  

Ebb & Flow catalogue cover

Available for sale

The Ebb and Flow catalogue will be for sale during the exhibition. Printed by ‘Untethered Fibre Artists’.
Only $25.

Image: Jenepher Walker, Pod 1, Sculptural Headpiece - fencing wire, masking tape, pattern board, shibori mulberry paper, threads and felt balls