Peter Gill - Portals, Screens etc.

Peter Gill, Persimmons 2016, oil on canvas

31 July - 11 September 2016

Portals, Screens etc., the new body of work by Peter Gill, sees a continuation of the suite of works by the artist based on the traditional themes of landscape, still life, seascape and the human figure that have dominated Peter’s artwork throughout his career.

Peter couples drawing and painting, in watercolour, pastel, oil and acrylic, with a wide range of fibre techniques, that includes weaving, crocheting and embroidery, in a rich and diverse exhibition where mediums are combined and works are presented with multiple parts. Sculptural works go further, acting as linking elements to the ongoing themes. The use of the grid format along with overlapping shapes and forms provide for a layered interpretation, while all of the works are based on examining the subjects over a period of time looking at the effects of light observed at different times of the day and in different atmospheric conditions.

Join us for the exhibition opening night 6:00pm Saturday 30 July 2016

Refreshments courtesy of Stone Hill Vineyard, Hunter Belle Cheese and Pukara Estate.

Peter Gill Persimmons 2016, oil on canvas. Image used courtesy of the artist.