Plants & Flowers – Goodstart Early Learning Muswellbrook, Preschool Room

23 April - 5 June 2016

Goodstart Early Learning Muswellbrook’s Preschool Room children are encouraged to be involved in caring for the plants and flowers around their centre. The interest the children have taken in this experience lead them to share images of flower paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.

Flowers were the subject of many of Van Gogh’s paintings in Paris. His interest in painting flowers as a subject aided him to further develop his appreciation and understanding of colour. In a letter to his sister Wil, Van Gogh wrote, "Last year I painted almost nothing but flowers so I could get used to colours other than grey - pink, soft or bright green, light blue, violet, yellow, glorious red." Van Gogh took a subject matter that has been depicted since the beginning of art and applied his unique perspective to it, bringing life and emotion to his work.

From examining the paintings by Van Gogh, along with the details of plastic flowers, as well as the real plants and flowers around the centre, the children were inspired to create their own paintings depicting plants and flowers. The resulting works by the Preschool children are joyful, bright and colourful interpretations of plants and flowers which, like Van Gogh, are a celebration of life.

Join us for the exhibition opening night 6:00pm Friday 22 April 2016

Refreshments courtesy of Hollydene Estate Wines, Hunter Belle Cheese and Pukara Estate.

Hollydene Estate Wines
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Hunter Belle Cheese

Painting: Maleia, aged 5 years.