Craft as Art: Australian ceramics from the collections 1971 - 2012

Dorothy Burns, Nut forms , burnished earthenware, sawdust fired; Image used courtesy of the artist.

14 September - 27 October 2013

For the first time in the Arts Centre’s history all the ceramic artists represented in the Permanent Collections will be on display.

The School of Arts Gallery will feature a cornucopia of clay, from the exquisite insect vase of local Denman artist Nicola Purcell (from the Max Watters Collection) to the abstract coal sculpture of Sydney’s William Lungas (winner of the Muswellbrook Art Prize for Ceramics in 2009) and will include nationally well-known ceramic artists such as Greg Daly, Aleksander Danko, Lorraine Jenyns, Michael Keighery, Gudrun Klix, Janet Mansfield, Danie Mellor, Ray Taylor and Peter Tilley.

Many local ceramicists will also be featured, such as Dorothy Burns, Enid Cryer, Betty Gleeson, Sue Lawson, Jean Mitchelhill, Lyn Nash and Jan Pryke.

Works have been selected from both the Max Watters and Muswellbrook Shire Art Collections including a number of ceramics which were originally part of the Denman Shire Art Collection.

The exhibition will cover the period during which ceramics in Australia moved from being thought of as craft producing predominately functional objects such as bowls and platters to the dynamic sculptural works of today. The exhibition will be accompanied by a full colour illustrated and informative catalogue of the ceramics collection and this publication will be launched at the Muswellbrook Creative Arts Fair being held on Saturday 5th October 2013 between 10.00am and 3.00pm at The Pot House in Lions Park, Lower Brook Street, Muswellbrook. The Pot House is the home of the Muswellbrook Ceramics Group Inc. and has been the focus of local ceramics for the past forty five years.

Exhibiting Launch

Opening night 6pm Friday, 13 September with refreshments courtesy of Stone Hill Vineyard, Hunter Belle Cheese and the Mad Hatters Café of Muswellbrook.