Found Narrative: Untethered Fibre Artists

8 September - 23 October,  2020

Narrative is one of the most powerful tools for perceiving the human condition. Narrative lost and found, Michael Mason, This Land Press, 2010
The highly-anticipated fifth exhibition of untethered fibre artists inc. is Found Narrative, ‘finding the inner voice in fibre as a metaphor for the
unsaid’. In a delightful twist on past years, curator Jacqueline Schultze has challenged each artist to respond to a work from a previous year, while creating new works that interpret the theme.

Jess Forster’s work Dark Mud Heart explores the impact of the drought on rural Australian landscapes and communities. The felt vessels are representative of the anxieties surrounding rainfall. Each contains an equivalent amount of foraged earth pigment, which is then diluted
depending on the month the vessel represents. Thus, the vessels portray the effect of the months with higher rainfall become dyed - diluted with a lighter tone. The segments with the lower rainfall months become darker, muddy hearts, or in fact simply contain ‘dust’.

Found Narrative presents 40 works that are a curious blend of the critical, the sentimental and the visually striking. The artists have delved into personal storylines, revealing in a rich resource of material, both tangible and intangible.

Image: Jess Forster, Dark Mud Heart 2019, oil on hardboard, 87.5 x 77.5cm