Figments: Teresa Byrne

September 5th -  September 28, 2020

‘One evening, when I was a teenager, I remember feeling scared while watching Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds. The next day, I was out horse riding and noticed crows and seagulls everywhere. This experience left a deep impression, and since then, birds and horses have been an enduring theme in my work.’ - Teresa Byrne

Figments explores avian and equine themes through the lens of Byrne’s imagination. Living on horse studs most of her life, all things equine have been an inspiration and a constant subject for commissioned works. Now Byrne resides on a hill with a flock of chickens and avian visitors to ignite her artistic practice.

Impressively realistic animal portraits contain playful sentiments such as Hair today, Gone Tomorrow? which depicts two chickens with feathers quaffed. Each bird’s pupil holds an image of an infamous international politician.

In her imagination, birds are taking over by hybridisation and other furtive means. Perhaps we are going the way of their prehistoric ancestors?

Image: Teresa Byrne, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, 2019, mixed media on Birch Panel, 36 x 60 cm, Max Watters Collection.