The Space Between: The Art of Meditation

8 September - 23 October,  2020

Visiting an art gallery is often likened to attending church, places for peaceful reflection and inspiration stemming from something beyond the physical. The Space Between: The Art of Meditation invites visitors to reflect and find a place to belong among art. The art selection consists of large abstract or interpretive works which the audience is presented to find their own personal meaning. The experience of the exhibition is meant to use art as healing. Abstract and expressionist artist Wassily Kandinsky said ‘art preserves the soul from coarseness like the tuning of a musical instrument’.

James Clifford’s work Picture of the Ocean Over the Tasman was painted at the end of his life in a marbling technique that mostly consisted of household enamel. Richard Larter stated ‘What was truly remarkable was that if you truly looked at the paintwork, there was no sign of any brushwork. It was as if the paint had been magically placed on the canvas. Yet, how splendidly had that paint been placed; one could discern white top waves breaking, sanded beaches, clifffaces, whole headlands with rolling hills beyond and turbulent water, not just breakers’.

ImageJames Clifford, Picture of the Ocean Over the Tasman 1984, enamel on canvas, 137.5 x 185cm, Max Watters Collection.