Coming in Waves - Sue Beiboer

Sue Beiboer

Opening: 6pm Friday 5 January 2018
Exhibition: 6 January to 4 March 2018

Coming in Waves is a body of work centred on the sea and the debris, both natural and man-made, left behind by the tide. The images depict the intricate details and patterns found in the shells, weeds and other sea life on the shoreline. These objects may not be considered in themselves beautiful, however when removed from their normally distracting context and reimagined through drawings and etchings a new aesthetic is achieved. The detailed imagery dissolves away into a fine line work of pixelations. Man-made objects appear comfortably within the composition, camouflaged amongst naturally occurring ocean debris. The pixelated imagery references the slow return of each object to its original components or elements thus reflecting on the transience of life.

Etched imagery takes the sea motif in a new direction, simplifying forms and creating a graphic representation of the subject. These works explore the dynamic possibilities of line work and colour, amplifying the beauty of the subject through repetition.

This body of work aims to draw the viewer closer, the intrigue of the details enabling the viewer to see and appreciate the beauty of these forms. The subtle inclusion of unnatural objects, shifts the focus, disrupting the harmony of the imagery. Whilst the sea life will decompose and benefit the ecosystem, man-made synthetic objects will not.

Image: Sue Beiboer