Michèle Heibel – For the love of the Hunter

Under the Mistletoe, etching needle on clayboard

Opening night 6pm Friday 1 September 2017

02 September – 22 October 2017

In this collection of delicately etched works, Michèle Heibel explores her relationship with the Hunter Valley - the place she credits with reigniting her desire to draw after almost two decades of working and living in Sydney's busy CBD. We see the things that made her fall in love with the Hunter - the calm, steady presence of trees, the undemanding (yet ever-present) companionship of wildlife, the endless layers of light. And we touch on the more complex emotions that are released the moment a person commits to a place ... feelings such as the fear of loss, the urge to protect and the hope for a sound future.

Image: Under the Mistletoe, etching needle on clayboard