The Theatrical Eye - Kiata Mason

Kiata Mason - a National Art School graduate, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing, with Honours and a Master of Fine Arts, Drawing - has regularly placed in a multitude of awards including the Doug Moran Portrait Prize, the Mosman Art Prize, the Blake Prize and the Dobell Drawing Prize. In 2018, Kiata was a finalist in the Sulman and Paddington Art Prizes and winner of the 2018 Muswellbrook Art Prize, Works on Paper. The Theatrical Eye is an ode to Kiata’s family history and current surrounds. While she has not herself been part of the theatrical world, several close family members have played their part, and Kiata now takes her turn in the role of director and stager within her own art form. Kiata likens the paintings and drawings that comprise this exhibition to a form of embellished diary - an autobiographical and imaginative depiction of her world. Each work is like a vignette, a non-linear expedition through rooms, home and landscapes, in which each scene has been carefully arranged and the stage set. It is an intimate journey through her eyes where she as director chooses the focus.Exhibiting from 7 July to 25 August 2019. Opening night 6pm Saturday 6 July 2019. Free entry with refreshments courtesy of Stone Hill Vineyard, Hunter Belle Cheese and Pukara Estate. Artwork: Kiata Mason, Monkeys on Blue 2019 (detail), acrylic on canvas.

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The Hidden Garden - Travis De Vries

There is a valley deep in the heart of the Australian bush that is the original site of the Garden of Eden, the real tree of knowledge and the terrible secret behind Adam and Eve’s story. In The Hidden Garden, Travis De Vries reveals the true story of the garden. A multidisciplinary artist, writer and creator, De Vries was the 2018 NSW Aboriginal Arts Fellow. Referencing Christian and other Western folklore he creates a new Australian mythology for this exhibition, subjugating the source mythology to turn a mirror onto the viewer’s idea of this well known trope. Unfolding through the lens of a fable, handed down from elder to initiate in the rite of passage as old as time, The Hidden Garden will feature paintings, soundscape and immersive installation artworks, merging to create a unified experience - a hidden garden. The exhibition will be accompanied by a number of public events to coincide with it’s launch and NAIDOC Week 2019. Exhibiting from 7 July to 25 August 2019. Opening night 6pm Saturday 6 July 2019. Free entry with refreshments courtesy of Stone Hill Vineyard, Hunter Belle Cheese and Pukara Estate.  Artwork: Travis De Vries, Forbid 2019 (detail), oil on canvas.

Looking East - Max Watters Collection

Works from the Max Watters Collection influenced by the culture and symbology of the East are brought together in Looking East.

John Plapp’s work Floating Through Nara celebrates the teachings of Shinto and the beauty of symmetry, while John Peart’s Abstract, inspired by calligraphic practices, explores the artistic expression of human language.
Setsuko Ogishi relates her practice to her Japanese heritage stating that ‘Traditional Japanese art and customs are important influences in my work.’ In her medium of glass blowing, she echoes ideas of light combined with colour forms creating a sense of movement and elegance.

Looking East shares with the audience the imagery of ancient traditions through a contemporary lens paying homage to the wisdom of Eastern cultures.

Exhibiting from 12 May to 25 August 2019. Opening night 6pm Saturday 11 May 2019. Free entry with refreshments courtesy of Small Forest Wines, Hunter Belle Cheese, Pukara Estate and Double Picc. 

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Artwork: Setsuko Ogishi, Sea Form Bowl undated, glass, 11 x 33 x 24cm, Max Watters Collection.