Muswellbrook Art Prize entries Open November 2017Prizes

  • Painting Prize $50,000
  • Works on Paper Prize $10,000
  • Ceramics Prize $10,000
  • People’s Choice Prize $1,000


  • Entries open November 2017
  • Entries close 19 January 2018
  • Finalists notified from 2 February
  • Finalists works delivered by 23 February 2018
  • Adjudication 10 March 2018
  • Opening night 6pm Saturday 10 March 2018
  • Exhibition 11 March – 6 May 2018


Will be announced along with the finalists in February 2018.

Entry Costs

  • Painting Prize $45 per entry
  • Works On Paper $25 per entry
  • Ceramics Prize $25 per entry

45th Muswellbrook Art Prize – Adjudicator and Finalists Announced

Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre is pleased to announce the finalists of the 45th Muswellbrook Art Prize along with this year’s adjudicator - Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Gallery Director, Gold Coast City Gallery. Finalists of the 45th Muswellbrook Art Prize will compete for a total prize pool of $71,000, with 26 works selected for the $50,000 Painting Prize, 19 works for the $10,000 Works on Paper Prize and 12 works for the $10,000 Ceramics Prize. Winners of the Art Prize will be announced at the opening night at 6pm Saturday 10th March 2018 by adjudicator Tracy Cooper-Lavery. A $1,000 People’s Choice Prize can also be voted for during the course of the exhibition. Congratulations to all 57 finalists!

Painting Finalists
Morgan Allender - By the Pond (for Claude)
Nicholas Aplin - Pink Chairs by the Irrawaddy
Alec Baker - Ngura (Country)
Min-Woo Bang - Colossal
Geoffrey Breen - River Mangroves
Daniel Butterworth - Self Sorry
Rodney Cones-Browne - Landscape Meditation 107
Madeleine Cruise - The Heart of the Matter
Dagmar Cyrulla - Into The Light
Shane Dennis - Mountain Bathers, Rouchel
Philip Drummond - As the evening meets the sky
Nicolette Eisdell - The Board Room
Jon Ellis - Turbulence
Rocco Fazzari - Botanical Gardens Sydney CBD
Becky Gibson - Timber
Linda Greedy - Gap Creek Track, Watagan National Park
Tannya Harricks - Rizzo & Frenchy
Carissa Karamarko - Just On The Table There, Thanks.
Onela Keal - Rusty Tank
Ben Kenning - Gestural and semi-abstract composition #4
Yurpiya Lionel - Anumara
Paul Maher - Anzac Walk 4
Michael Muir - Hidden in the Summer
Vanessa Newell - The Melodrama of Dressing
Mark Thompson - References: Olga, Brolgah, Gavan and Dot the Kangaroo
Sokquon Tran - Holly's Clouds

Works on Paper Finalists
Margaret Ambridge - What remains
Muamer Cajic - How Far Are You
Kristone Capistrano - Self-Portrait
Liz Faul - Red Planet
Rocco Fazzari - Late Afternoon Dip-Bondi
Garry Foye - Capertee Construction #11
Jackie Gorring - Toaster of Vindication
Jody Graham - Old Farmhouse
Amber-rose Hulme - Masked Integrity
Paula Jenkins - Nostalgia, Seal Rocks
Lisa Kirkpatrick - Sleepyhead
Waratah Lahy - Night Clouds
Marie Lunney - Rocky Hill - Stewartsbrook
Kiata Mason - The Studio Chair
Felicity O'Connor - Ochre Place
Lisa Sewards - Parajellys, Artist Book, 2018
Maggie Stein - Going Places, Central Station, Sydney
Christopher Zoneff - Contumacity (Wisteria Bloom)
Vera Zulumovski - Double Breasted

Ceramic Finalists
Paul Adams - Tall Jun Vase
Annette Bukovinsky - Nestle
Roslyn Elkin - Camouflage
Carol Forster - Bowl of Shells
Klaus Gutowski - The Weight of Time
Marianne Huhn - Seeking Asylum
Wendy Jagger - Snowy Mountains
Amy Kennedy - Adrift
Helen Martin - Melt
Mee-Sun Kim Park - Being: Form is Emptiness
Megan Puls - NightShade
Natalie Rosin - Vitreous High Density

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