Workshop: Interpreting the Ancient: Indigenous Symbolism and Contemporary Art – with exhibiting artist Travis De Vries

ark Gambino

10:00am-1:00pm Saturday 05 August 2017
FREE workshop

Join Travis De Vries in a workshop exploring the use of symbolism in his latest exhibition: Lost Tales: Walking with Gods on Saturday 5th of August 2017. 

Utilising a rich source material of Australian Indigenous lore and drawing from the tropes and techniques of comic book, video game and pop culture creators this workshop will provide a unique insight into the methods Travis has used to create his work and how you can create working in the future and find your artistic voice. 

This workshop is aimed at those who have a strong knowledge of a painting / drawing technique and who would like to acquire ways to apply these skills to concepts. We will be using various artistic techniques to explore broad narrative concepts with a particular focus on blending the very old with the new. 

The challenge is to not create a copy of another cultures story but rather to draw on them for inspiration and bring your own lived experience to fore of the work and how this is an exciting extension of your arts practice. Through the workshop you will work either as a group or on your own to create the beginning of a new original artwork. 

This workshop is suitable for both Indigenous and non-indigenous visual artists or even storytellers and writers who wish to look further than painting / drawing techniques and delve into the narrative behind the artwork with an emphasis on construction of a greater narrative behind their body of work.  

Suitable for ages 13 and up.


  • Acrylic / oil paints / pastels etc - whatever mediums participants are comfortable to work in
  • Drawing paper and pencil for planning sketches

Canvas supplied.


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