Arts Centre Newsletter Spring 2016

newsletter cover spring 2016Like the return of spring, September at the Arts Centre sees the return of three of our most popular exhibitors.

Artist in residence Silvana Wirepa presents her finished paintings based on the sketches and studies the artist made during her residency at the Arts Centre’s Campbell’s Corner Studio during 2013. Silvana is a most engaging personality and many in the local community have been waiting impatiently to see these works since Silvana left Muswellbrook for the Port Macquarie hinterland to establish her permanent studio and complete the portrait project begun during her artist in residency. The exhibition entitled Face’brook – a portrayal will be held in the School of Arts Gallery and feature portraits of an array of Upper Hunter “characters”. The exhibition is proof positive that the great artistic tradition of the artist, the sitter and the portrait is alive and very well.

The Sims Dickson Collection returns to the Arts Centre with another stunning selection of Aboriginal artworks from the Centre. Into the Mystic – Journeys with the Artists of Wanarn is an exhibition of life affirming paintings which have been created by a group of senior artists from the Gibson Desert in eastern Western Australia now living in the Kungkarrangkalpa aged care facility at Wanarn. Many of you will recall our previous look inside the treasure house that is the Sims Dickson Collection in the 2013 exhibition Strong Women Strong Painting Strong Culture. For the artists of Into the Mystic these paintings represent some of their final statements to us before they themselves depart the physical world and become one with the Dreaming.

Our new selection from the Max Watters Collection is In the Round, 3-dimensional works demonstrating the diversity of sculpture in recent Australian art. As a collector Max Watters eye for the poetic, including the quirky and the whimsical, is most obviously on display in this exhibition of sculptural pieces chosen from the Collection by the Arts Centre’s Programs Officer Elissa Emerson.

“I have always tried to hide my efforts and wished my works to have the light joyousness of springtime... The essential thing is to spring forth, to express the bolt of lightning one senses upon contact with a thing. The function of the artist is not to translate an observation but to express the shock of the object on his nature; the shock… I wouldn't mind turning into a vermilion goldfish.”

Henri Matisse

Watch out for more great art at MRAC this Summer coming.

Brad Franks, Arts Centre Manager.
August 2016.

Arts Centre Newsletter Spring 2016