Hanna Kay - Interpreting the Landscape Workshop

Shifting Horizons - Hanna Kay

Part three of the "Three Women Went to China – Workshop Series" welcomes you to join Hanna Kay in her workshop "Interpreting the Landscape" on Saturday 25 June 2016.

This workshop is aimed at those who have mastered a basic drawing/painting technique and who would like to acquire ways to develop their skills. We will be using photographic reference points and respond to the environment they depict, with particular emphasis on creating forceful compositions.

Using photographic references allows a distancing from the subject matter which can be enhanced by the imagination. The challenge will be not to rely on copying the image before you, but rather to experiment with light, the distribution of forms, the assemblage of shapes, and to compose your interpretation of the subject.

10am-1pm Saturday 25 June 2016

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  • Several photographs
  • Sketch pad, pencils or markers for initial compositions and conceptualisation
  • Watercolours or acrylics
  • Watercolour paper or small canvas
  • Brushes and other accessories necessary for the chosen medium
  • Easel optional