Suzanne Archer - The World in a Circle: A Drawing Workshop

Archer Suzanne's China Joy 240 x 330cm oil on canvas 2016

Part two of the "Three Women Went to China – Workshop Series" welcomes you to join Suzanne Archer in her workshop "The World in a Circle: a drawing workshop" on Sunday 12th June 2016.

This workshop will encourage students to reflect on how travel can provide a rich source of new images from which to select ideas for the basis of new and personal art making. As well as considering the translation of images from sketchbooks or personal photos the circular format will make the drawing experience exciting and challenging and invite the students to produce works that respond to the title The World in a Circle.

2pm-5pm Sunday 12 June 2016

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  • At least 1 sheet of good quality paper approx. 75 x 100cm (e.g. Stonehenge paper) *Please cut the paper in to as large a circular form as possible
  • 2B pencil & sharpener
  • Charcoal (compressed) at least 2 sticks
  • Chalk Pastels Black & White 1 of each
  • Bulldog clips (2)
  • Drawing board if you have one to fit paper 75 x 100cm
  • Eraser (ordinary)
  • Fixative
  • Your Sketchbook if you have one (or some loose paper) *Please trace a few circles of various sizes in to your sketchbook over two pages
  • Travel sketchbooks, photos, travel reference