Miniatures XVII exhibition catalogue

Exhibition period 27 FEB to 17 APR 2016. All items for sale.

Exhibitions of miniature artworks by local artists have been a regular feature on the Arts Centre exhibition programme for over two decades. The guidelines given to the artists for the exhibition are based on the Australian Society of Miniature Art rules which state that the actual artwork should not measure more than 40cm in perimeter and that the subject should be miniaturised. Artists are given free reign regarding subject matter, choice of medium, technique and style. As such Miniatures sees a diversity of works in mediums that includes amongst others, photography, silverpoint, embroidery, sculpture, ceramics, watercolour, oil, charcoal and pencil.

For hundreds of years, there has been a tradition of miniature painting in many cultures. Because of their small scale, they have been easily transportable and many examples have survived fairly intact due to their inherent ‘preciousness’.

The earliest recorded examples come from ancient Egyptian papyri where portraits were often inserted within the content and context of passages of text. They were usually drawn with black outlines and details were filled in with colour. Miniature painting, as we now know it however, developed from the art of illustrated manuscripts in 13th Century Persia, depicting traditional stories and a strong sense of action. Miniature painting reached its greatest popularity in the 16th century and the artwork was usually commissioned as a gift.

The universal appeal for miniature painting continues to this day and there is a network of artists, galleries and societies all over the world devoted to this art form.

Miniatures XVII exhibition catalogue