The Nook Activity Sheet - Paint the Town Red

In 2010 the Muswellbrook and Districts Camera Club created a collaborative artwork for a local artist exhibition entitled Paint the Town Red . The Camera Club ‘painted the town red’, celebrating the main street of Muswellbrook by photographing buildings to form a streetscape and digitally colouring the images red, creating a sense of place and sharing with the viewer a place where they as individuals belong.


Paint it red! Hand-colour black and white printout images of your home in washes of red to celebrate and share a place that you belong.


  • Camera or digital device with camera
  • Black and white printer
  • Copy paper
  • Red watercolour paint
  • Paintbrush and water


  1. Select and photograph an area, indoors or outdoors, of your home.
  2. Print the photograph in black and white - try to make sure the overall image isn’t too dark.
  3. Choose parts of the image to paint with a more intense, less diluted, red watercolour paint.

Add more water to the red watercolour paint to create lighter washes of red and use this on other parts of the image.


Take more photographs of your home. Again, print them out in black and white and paint them in washes of red watercolour paint. Display your series of work in a sequence, so the viewer is taken on a journey through your ‘place’.


The Nook Activity Sheet - Paint the Town Red