From 1 July, the NSW Government is changing the system for funding NSW Fire and Emergency services.

Previously property owners contributed directly to the Fire and Emergency services fund via their property insurance premiums. Now, under the new Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) Act 2017, all property owners will be charged the levy via their rates and charges notice.

Please note the FESL is a State Government charge. Council's role is to forward all funds collected to the NSW State Government.

The FESL will be made up of a fixed charge and an ad valorem amount, based on the NSW Valuer General’s assessment of unimproved land value and a property's classification as residential, farmland, industrial, commercial or public benefit, and whether or not the land is vacant.

Notifications regarding land classifications for the purposes of this levy will be issued in late April 2017.

Property owners can request a review of their land classification by completing the Fire and Emergency Services Levy classification review application and returning to Council in person, by post or email.

The FESL will be identified separately on your annual rates and charges notice, which is issued in July and payment will be in line with Council’s rates and charges either annually or by quarterly instalments.

For further information about the NSW Government FESL please visit or phone 1300 787 872.

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