Grab a trailer load of quality mulch for only $30 per tonne!


Use it for your fruit trees, vegetable garden or garden beds.

This quality product has been shredded, pasteurised and screened to ensure the best outcome for your garden.

A brochure is included with every sample bag explaining how the pasteurised mulch is created, with instructions on how to use it.

Available into Muswellbrook Waste Management Facility between 9 and 5 to purchase a load for only $30 per tonne or part thereof.

Bulk loading available

Bulk loading of mulch is available from 9.30pm-12.30pm and 2.00pm-4.00pm. Call 6542 5706 to pre-book this service.

Price list (2016/17):

- Per tonne... $30.00

- Bulk loading is available by prior arrangement... $16.00

- Commercial enquiries welcome

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