Heading: Notice of Proposed Development Application





KLK Enterprises Pty Ltd

C/- KDC Pty Ltd

Suite 2, 125 Bull Street

Newcastle West NSW  2302


Muswellbrook Shire Council



LOT: 3 and 4 DP: 18699, Lot: B DP:364391

31-33 Maitland Street MUSWELLBROOK


Service Station (Operating Hours - 24 hours, 7 days a week)


The proposed development is integrated development under the provisions of Section 4.46(1) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requiring approval from Transport for NSW (Roads and Maritime)

Council has received the above development application which is on public exhibition between

7 September 2020 and 29 September 2020. During this public exhibition period, the documentation accompanying this application may be viewed on Council’s website.

Any person wishing to make a submission regarding the proposed development should do so in writing addressed to the General Manager, Muswellbrook Shire Council, to reach Council before the close of business on 29 September 2020.  Any submissions by way of an objection should be supported by the grounds for that objection.

Where you wish to be contacted by Council regarding the progression of this matter, it is requested that any submission or correspondence contain your contact information, including a preferred contact email address. This will be used by Council for any further contact in relation to this matter.

All submissions, including personal information, will be made available for public inspection and may be included in full in any reports to Council, Government Agencies or other relevant bodies in the determination of the application.  All reports are published in the Council Business Paper which is also available to the public.

For further information please contact Council’s Planning and Regulatory Services Department on 02 6549 3745.


DA 2020-89 Architectural Plans

DA 2020-89 Civil Plans

DA 2020-89 Crime Risk Assessment

DA 2020-89 Flood Impact Assessment

DA 2020-89 Landscape Plans

DA 2020-89 Noise Assessment

DA 2020-89 Preliminary Site Investigation

DA 2020-89 SEPP 33 Risk Screening

DA 2020-89 Statement of Environmental Effects

DA 2020-89 Survey Plan

DA 2020-89 Traffic Impact Assessment

DA 2020-89 Waste Management Plan

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