Muswellbrook Shire Council – Summary of Decisions Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Muswellbrook Shire Council met on Tuesday, 28 July 2020. The following decisions were made at the meeting.

Councillors considered a planning proposal to rezone land in Ironbark Ridge.  Council hosted a public forum on the matter and heard from several residents objecting to the proposal and from the proponent.  Council resolved to refer the planning proposal to the Development Assessment Committee to liaise with the proponent over the proposal in more detail.  Following the deliberations of the Committee, the matter will return to Council for resolution.

Council also resolved to accept that the stage 1 upgrade of Edderton Road undertaken by Mt Arthur Coal has achieved practical completion.  This decision will see the new road alignment opened for use by the general public, and the closure of the existing road.

A decision was taken to install a Kookaburra sculpture in the Denman Memorial Remembrance Park and to commission two further sculptures – a Magpie, which is to be located at the Muscle Creek Nature Trail and a Frog-mouth Owl, to be installed in Sandy Hollow.

Council determined not to support a proposal to close Crown Roads in and around Wybong following consultation with local Aboriginal Groups, who object to the proposed closures.

A concept design for the new Williams Bridge at Martindale Road, Martindale was endorsed, together with the 2020/21 Roads and Drainage Capital Works Program.

The following matters were also considered and decided:

  • Council agreed to participate in a joint tender for the recycling of mattresses
  • The submission of the 2019/20 General Purpose Financial Reports, Special Purpose Financial Reports and Special Schedules for the Council to the Auditor was agreed to;
  • A new Draft Councillor Meeting with Property Developers and Lobbyists Policy and a amendments to the Governance Policy and Code of Conduct were each endorsed for public exhibition for a period of 28 days;
  • A concrete and minor road works panel contract was appointed to include tenders from PS & KE Wear, Hunter Wide Civil Pty Ltd, Wild Engineering Pty Ltd, Digian Company Pty Ltd and Accurate Asphalt and Road Repairs Pty Ltd for a period of two years;
  • Council will agree to enter a Memorandum of Understanding with Upper Hunter Shire Council for the acceptance and disposal of mixed waste;
  • Endorsement of a revised Muswellbrook Youth Venue concept plan for the purposes of its development application;
  • Council accepted a loan from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to refinance $13.3M in loads for the Future Fund;
  • Endorsed the need for an increase in budget allocation to meet increases in Council’s insurance premium costs; and
  • Modified the payment arrangements for the Richard Gill National Music Academy, whilst not increasing the amount of funding assistance.
  • Council also adopted in principle a defensive financial investment strategy to improve Council’s return on investment for a portion of Council’s investment portfolio while continuing to exercise a high level of risk mitigation.
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