Notice of Exhibition Muswellbrook DCP 2009 Amendments

and Muswellbrook Shire Council Rivers and Drainage Channels Policy

Council is proposing to make changes to Muswellbrook Development Control Plan 2009.  The changes involve:

Deleting Section 4 – Notification. With changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, and the recent adoption of the Muswellbrook Shire Community Participation Plan, this section of the DCP is now redundant.

Amending Section 25 – Storm Water Management.    The proposed changes involve:

  • Include references to the Muswellbrook Urban Riparian Landcare Master Plan and the Muswellbrook Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan 2018;
  • Detail on when easements in favour of Muswellbrook Council will be required for developments sites adjoining the urban stormwater system;
  • Identifying when Council may reimburse landholders for costs associated with creation of easements;
  • Correct formatting errors;
  • Provide clarification on certain matters regarding piping of open drainage channels and requirements for pollution reduction devices; and
  • Updating references to legislation, plans and policies that are relevant to planning for storm water management.

Council is also proposing to update the Rivers and Drainage Channels Policy to support the changes to the DCP.

The amended Section 25 - Storm Water Management, and the revised Rivers and Drainage Channels Policy documents are on public exhibition during business hours at the Council Offices at 157 Maitland Street, Muswellbrook or via the Council Website ( for the period Friday, 13 March 2020 until Monday, 20 April 2020.

Written submissions concerning the proposed changes to the DCP and Rivers and Drainage Channels Policy may be made to Council during the exhibition period. Submissions should be in writing and can be posted, or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The last day for the receipt of submissions is close of business Monday, 6 April 2020.

Please note, confidentiality is not available to respondents. The details of any submissions may be included in a Council report or forwarded to the proponent.  Submissions are balanced with Council’s statutory obligations, the rights of the proponent and the public interest. Council will consider any submissions made before it decides whether to proceed with the proposed amendments

Where relevant, a Political Donation and Gift Disclosure Statement must accompany any submission lodged with Council. Under Section 110.4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 any person who makes a submission to Council is required to disclose any political donation or gift.

If you have any enquiries please contact Council on 6549 3700.  Written submissions should be addressed to:

The General Manager

Muswellbrook Shire Council

PO Box 122

Muswellbrook NSW 2333



Draft Rivers and Drainage Channels Policy - March 2020

DCP Amendments Section 25 Water Management

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