stock photo of a perceived community panel

Muswellbrook Shire is changing and with change comes new opportunities and challenges.

To help prepare for the future, Council will instigate a Community Panel method of community engagement, called a community panel, from 04 November to 02 December, 2017.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey of 400 residents, completed by Jetty Consulting in August, asked each resident if they would like to be part of a Community Panel. Of the 400 surveyed, 150 residents have agreed to take part in the random selection process, based on demographics to ensure a balanced panel.

Of these, thirty-five people have been randomly selected to take part in three meetings with Council.

The Community Panel will be armed with information on the opportunities and challenges faced by Council after they first meet in early November for a day-long introduction to council through a series of presentations by senior staff.

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