Muswellbrook Shire Council has concluded its formal community consultation process for its Community Strategic Plan including the optional projects and associated Special Rate Variation.

853 online responses were received of which 49.4% were supportive and 43.6% unsupportive and 7% unsure.

The analysis of the telephone survey of 550 Shire residents found that there was widespread knowledge of Council’s optional proposal, with 84% of residents indicating they had read, heard or seen information about the proposals.

Muswellbrook Shire Council SRV Telephone Survey Feb 2017 Final Report

The sample size had a margin of error of a little more than 4% with results of 44% in support and 45% against, with 11% of residents unsure. The response therefore is within the statistic margin of error but demonstrates an approximate even split of support and non-support in the community. It is noted, however, that despite the sample size there was a statistical under representation of younger people who had been proportionally more supportive at Listening Posts, community forums and in the online survey.

Survey results from the community forums had 22 in favour and 4 against. Postal surveys are still being collated.

Council congratulates and thanks the Muswellbrook Shire community for its passionate and lively response to Council’s community consultation. Council is due to consider the community’s feedback on Tuesday night.

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