Rating review
Muswellbrook Shire Council (Council) requires consultancy services for review of Council’s rating structure.
1. Background

Muswellbrook Shire Local Government Area (LGA) and its surroundings are currently the main centre for coal mining activity and power generation the NSW. Liddell and Bayswater power stations produce 12 per cent of the National Energy Market and are large employers in the Shire. However, the two coal-fired power stations – Liddell and Bayswater – have planned closure dates of 2023 and 2035 respectively. The report considered in this Call for Expressions of Interest should take into account the upcoming closures and the impact on the local economy and community.

2. Scope of Work
Review of Council’s rating and, particularly, the energy generation sub-category of the business rating taking into account:
• Legislative requirements and any relevant guidelines;
• Parity with other rating categories; and
• The services outlined in the Report on social and economic adjustment services. This report is currently being finalised by the University of South Australia and will be provided to the successful bidder.

This document should conduct review of Council’s rating and provide Council with a proposed options for rating structure for it to consider.
Council will provide access to the necessary documentation for the review to be completed.

3. Deliverables
1. Initial workshop with a Project Control Group established by Council.
2. Final report that fully addresses all matters set out in the Scope of Work above
3. Presentation of the report and key findings to Council.
4. Assessment Criteria

Tenderers are required to provide evidence of how they meet the criteria by comments, documentation and references.
Assessment Criteria:
• Experience and capability
• Proposed personnel
• Price

5. Timeframe
The overall timeframe of the project should not be longer than 4 weeks.

6. Budget
Proposals are expected within an indicative budget of $20,000 (including GST).

7. Insurance
The organisation must during the currency of this agreement maintain a contract of insurance between the organisation and an insurer acceptable to Council that provides cover with respect to public liability of not less than $20,000,000.

8. Deadline
Please reply to this with a proposal and detailed quote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 16:00 on Friday, 23 April 2021.

9. Independence
The report must include, if true, a statement that the findings expressed are the author’s or authors’ own and has been prepared independently, fearlessly and without the undue influence of any person.

10. Further information Contact
Aleksandar Mitreski
Mobile: 0477 474 090

Download the Expression of Interest Rating Review

Expression of Interest - Rating Review

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