Flying Foxes: A guide for Upper Hunter residents

Are you curious about the flying foxes you may be seeing in Muswellbrook Shire? Download this brochure to gain a better understanding of the flying-fox.

Quick facts about flying foxes. Click here to download the brochure

Why sightings of flying-foxes in urban areas are increasing

Nomadic flying-foxes roost near to their preferred food sources, which include eucalypts, melaleuca, banksia, lily pilly and Moreton Bay figs. With the ever increasing urban sprawl and industry growth the possible roosting sites for flying-foxes are diminishing; leaving flying-foxes little choice but to roost in urban areas.

It’s not easy to disperse a colony of flying-foxes

A 20 year review period has shown that relocating a colony of flying-foxes is ineffective and costly. There is lots of evidence to show that flying-foxes will often return to an area, or be replaced by a separate colony.

Learning to live with flying-foxes and understanding their significance is an important step towards harmonious coexistence in our local environment. State and federal policies are also important in balancing community and environmental concerns about flying-foxes.

The three species found in the Upper Hunter region

Grey-headed Flying-fox

This species is identifi able by its reddish-brown collar and grey head. Human impacts are affecting its required habitat, and consequently the Greyheaded Flying-fox is listed as vulnerable under the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Little Red Flying-fox

With a reddish-brown fur, this is the smallest Australian fl ying-fox, often travelling further inland than the other species.

Black Flying-fox

Largely black in colour, this species is more predominant in the north and north-east of Australia.

Muswellbrook Shire Council is monitoring the numbers of bats in Muswellbrook Shire as part of a National Flying-fox Monitoring Program and if you have any questions or concerns call the Sustainability Unit at Muswellbrook Shire Council on 02 6549 3783.



Flying Foxes brochure - A guide for Upper Hunter Residents

Flying Foxes poster - A guide for Upper Hunter Residents

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  • Flying Fox Survey - share your ideas!
    7 Mar 17

    Take the FlyingfoxEngage Survey.
    It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

    Muswellbrook Shire Council is working with the NSW Government and the local community to develop a management plan for the Muswellbrook flying-fox camp.

    Please complete and share this survey to share your experience and ideas about how to manage the camp.

    All responses will be considered in developing the plan.

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  • Flying Foxes: A guide for Upper Hunter residents
    18 Oct 16

    Are you curious about the flying foxes you may be seeing in Muswellbrook Shire? Download this brochure to gain a better understanding of the flying-fox.

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