Development Application No. 8/2017
Applicant: MM Hyndes Bailey & Co PO Box 26 Muswellbrook NSW 2333
Proposed Site: Lot 122 DP 750924 Almond Street Denman
Proposed Development: Subdivision - one (1) lot into one hundred and thirty eight (138) lots

Council previously advertised this application as a 153 lot residential subdivision in March 2017. The applicant has submitted revised plans (reducing the number of proposed lots from 153 to 138) and significant further information has been received.

In this regard, Council is re-notifying the proposed development for a minimum of 28 days.

DA 2017-008 proposed staging plan

The above linked revised application can also be viewed at Council’s Administration Centre, Muswellbrook during normal working hours to commence on Wednesday 24 May 2017 and conclude on Wednesday 23 June 2017.

Any person wishing to make a further submission regarding the proposed development should do so in writing addressed to the General Manager, Muswellbrook Shire Council, to reach Council before the close of business on Wednesday 21 June 2017. Any submissions by way of an objection should be supported by the grounds for that objection.

All submissions, including personal information, will be made available for public inspection and may be included in full in any reports to Council, Government Agencies or other relevant bodies in the determination of the application. All reports are published in the Council Business Paper which is also available to the public.

For further information please contact Council’s Development Planner, Donna Watson on 02 6549 3777.

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